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January W.P.A (Warrington Pale Ale) - 3.9% 34 IBUs

English pale ale, full bodied and well-rounded bittering with spicy aromas and hints of lemon & grapefruit.

February E.P.A 4.0% 32 IBUs 

English pale ale, brewed with 4kg of pioneer & bramling cross giving the beer a crisp & refreshing bittering with aromas of blackcurrent and citrus.

March 40-20 4.2%

English pale bitter, clean bittering with floral and flowery aromas. Kicked with a bounce over the side line but we get stuck back in with a scrum and the pint in your possession.

April Bravo Alpha 4.7%

American dual hopped pale ale, Bravo & Warrior hops. Crisp bittering with earthy properties and intense fruity aromas.

May On The Bench 4.2%

American pale ale dual hopped with Apollo & Chinook. Intense bittering with resiny and grapefruit aromas. No one is putting this one on the bench its starting on for the full 2 halves.

June Super League 4.5%

American pale ale dual hopped with Citra & Summit. Powerful bittering with intense citrus lemon aromas. Perfect for the super league season one to be enjoyed pre, during and post match, GET STUCK IN RUGBY LEAGUE IS ON!

July Ella 3.7% 50 IBUs

Pale single hopped Australian pale ale, crisp bitterness with aromas of spice and floral notes.

August Bring Me Sunshine 4.5%

American pale ale, perfect for the summertime and with summer soon coming to a close it’s the perfect time for a pint in the sun! Clean and crisp bittering with floral and hints of citrus aroma.

September Hallucination 5.0%

Black IPA, hopped with a number of American hops. Hints of carafe type 3 linger in the background, but the hop aroma from the dry hopped Columbus and Chinook make this beer what it is, bringing you intense citrus and grapefruit aromas with a clean bittering. Close your eyes and take a mouthful just don’t miss your mouth but your will be amazed to find you actually like a dark beer.

October Boadicea 4.1%

Single hopped English golden ale, gentle bittering with herbal and floral aromas to finish a true great British hop.

Novemeber Bus Man’s Bitter 3.9%

English amber bitter, gentle bittering with toffee biscuit and hints of flowery aromas. Don’t miss the bus for your 2nd.

December Organised Chaos 3.9% 103 IBUs

Pale ale hopped with 4 unique hops coming from the 4 corners of the world, creating chaos when combined together. Bringing you balanced bittering with citrus, tropical aromas. You know where your heading but it does cause chaos.