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John (Wilkie) Wilkinson

The Boss Man, Head Drayman & Sales:

  • Always found talking to his self (at least he gets the right answers)
  • Organised (he has his moments)
  • Hates paperwork & social media but someone’s got to do it
  • You won’t lose him in Wigan (even though he’s delivering elsewhere)

Pays us, eventually

Favourite 4T’s beers

Exorcism 5.1% 212 IBUs & A.P.A 4.0% 55 IBUs


Jordan (Bob) Millington

Head Brewer, Brewery Director & Sales

• Likes using things and losing them straight away, but then finds it in one of his pockets, after already checking them (always has pens in his pocket)
• Eats anything you put in front of him (anything except pate)
• Always found sat down looking busy
• Cellar man at The Tavern (does what he can for a free pint)

Jack of all trades, MASTER OF NONE

Favourite 4T’s beers

A.P.A 4.0% 55 IBUs & Stout 5.0% 40 IBUs


Matthew (Wilko) Wilkinson

Landlord @ The Tavern, Occasional Drayman & Cask Washer

• Usually found in the back of The Tavern “doing work on the laptop”
• Amateur rugby league coach @ latchford giants, received Warrington Wolves Man of Steel awards ‘Latchford community hero’ 2015 (successful rugby league coach)
• Always found on his phone on social media #ing (you can never get in touch with him)
• Budding darts player (doesn’t like anyone moving or making noise when he’s throwing, been known to threaten old men)

Mr. Social Media

Favourite 4T’s beers

Don’t keep calm its Christmas 4.3% 43 IBUs & A.P.A 4.0% 55 IBUs


Liam (Sully) Sullivan

Head Cask Washer, Stock Monitor & Organiser

• Requires food every 2 hours(always found with jam butties, typical student)
• Fastest cask washer in the UK (FACT)
• Everything has to be in its place on a Monday when he’s in (John or Bob has usually misplaced/lost it)
• Cracking bowls player (but never wins the final)

The Human Bin

Bus Mans Bitter 3.9% 40 IBUs & IPA 4.6% 85 IBUs

Thanks for Meeting the 4T’s Team