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The 2&Nine Brew Kit

The brew kit, John founded 4T’s brewery the 0.5 BBL kit, which was situated at 29 Church Street, Warrington, WA1 2SS. Where Jordan found time to experiment with different ingredients, styles and techniques.

2&Nine you wonder? It’s because at max capacity we produce 2 9 gallon firkins/casks and the kit was situated at 29 Church Street. The brew kit is now situated at the brewery and is now used by Tipsy Angel cuckoo brewery, as situated at the brewery. Tipsy Angel was located at The Lower Angel, Warrington, brewed by Aidan Granell. Aidan is still brewing under the Tipsy Angel name.

Would you like to brew your own beer?

A beer you’ve created at home on your home brew kit? Or a beer that you love that you would like to replicate or improve? All you need to do is contact Jordan (contact details can be found on the Contact Us page).

The brew day will consist of you or up to a group of 4 and Jordan.

  • Once you’ve contacted Jordan, about the beer you’d like to brew and any additional information you’d like to include for example the date you’d like to brew, time & amount of people.
  • Jordan will arrange the brew day/confirm everything including the price and possibly suggest an improvement if needed.
  • On the brew day you will be required to do all the duties a brewer does, add ingredients, clean equipment after use, keep timings & temperatures etc. Jordan will be there to assist and help but he will probably be brewing on the main kit also, so you can see the transition of the 2 different kits and 2 very different ways of brewing. You can also have chance to pick the brains of the brewer.

Prices and Options

The price of the brew day will vary. If you’d like the full brew or as we recommend 1 for you & 1 for us as the 1 for us will go in to The Tavern and you’d be able to see it on the bar and tell all your friends. Also the cask(s) you have you can decide if you’d like it to be bottled or in cask ready to serve at home or a special event. If you decide you’d like it for a special event we offer equipment hire and prices can be found on our page. Price starts from £125.

Alternatively if you’re looking to advance in the brewing world and like to gain some knowledge and experience before you make that step, you are more than welcome to come along on a brew day when we are brewing to gain the much needed knowledge you need to know. Contact Jordan if you wish to do so.